Late Night Trivia with the Insomniac Net

Filed in Insomniac Net, Nets by on March 1, 2012

VA3XPR insomniac net Toronto amateur radio ham repeater

Can’t sleep at night? Tried counting sheep and still nothing? Well the VA3XPR repeater has the answer for you! Grab a warm glass of milk and tune into the Insomniac Net for some late night trivia, which starts at 02:00 EST (07:00 UTC) daily and runs until either the Net Control Operator gets through the list or everyone falls asleep. To access the Insomniac Net, simply tune into the VA3XPR repeater, dial-up IRLP reflector “9100” and you’ll be in trivia heaven, along with other night owls around the globe. Of course, be sure to disconnect from the IRLP reflector before you drift off into dreamland by simply dialing the disconnect code “73”. Enjoy and have fun!