Code of Conduct

The VA3XPR repeaters are intended to be a welcoming and inclusive environment for all users. In order to ensure this, plus create an orderly and professional environment for everyone, it expected that all users will adhere the below Code of Conduct.

This includes being:

  1. COURTEOUS & RESPECTFUL to one another and behaving in a manner that is consistent with the ARRL Radio Amateur’s Code;
  2. ACCOMMODATING to other users on this shared radio resource. This includes allowing time between transmissions for other users to join the conversation or for traffic on other talkgroups. Emergency traffic must always be given priority;
  3. PROPERLY CONFIGURED with their radio equipment using the following parameters:
    1. Radio IDs: Each user is required to use their own unique Radio ID on the repeater. If you do not have one, they can be requested on the DMR-MARC website;
    2. Talkgroups: Users are expected to use only the talkgroups supported by the repeater. Please refer to the Talkgroups page for full list of supported talkgroups;
    3. Transmit Audio Level: Users are expected to have configured their transmit audio to a level that is acceptable and pleasing to listen to. These levels can be set using the Parrot talkgroup (TG 9998);
    4. Emergency Option: Users are expected to disable the Emergency option in their radios, as it’s use is disruptive to other users on the repeaters;
    5. Private Calls: Users are expected to refrain from using Private Calls on the repeaters;
    6. Encryption: To adhere with the requirements of their license, the use of encryption is not permitted on the repeaters;
  4. EFFICIENT with the use of shared radio resources, including using a talkgroup with the smallest regional coverage to facilitate their communications with another user. Also, communications on the Worldwide talkgroup (TG 1) is intended for making contact only; once communications is established, users are expected to move to another supported talkgroup to carry on their conversation.

Should anyone have questions about Code of Conduct, please feel free to contact us.