REVIEW: Connect Systems CS800 DMR mobile radio

Connect Systems CS800 VA3XPR DMR radio ham

The Connect Systems CS800/801 (UHF/VHF) is a new value priced DMR mobile radio being offered by Connect Systems, as part of its line-up of budget DMR radios targeted toward the ham radio community. This unit packs many features, including, superb audio, sturdy construction, 45W/50W (UHF/VHF) power output, a remote mountable …

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VA3XPR implements usability improvements with talkgroup updates

In an effort to improve usability and increase capacity for its local users, the VA3XPR DMR repeaters have implemented talkgroup updates by adding new talkgroups, plus updating timing parameter for others, which are now in effect for both repeaters. These changes include: The addition of a second Local talkgroup, which …

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Chivalry for the modern ham: The Radio Amateur’s Code

Once upon a time, owning and operating a ham radio was a pursuit of the wealthy and fortunate, as ham radio equipment was expensive and operators were required to know their complex inter workings, not to mention that they needed to be highly proficient with Morse code. Hams were the …

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Tytera TYT MD-380 DMR portable radio review

The Tytera TYT MD-380 is one of the latest value priced DMR radios to emerge from the Chinese market. This unit packs many features, including, superb audio, a multicoloured LCD display, front panel programmability, rugged construction, plus much more. This is a great radio for anyone looking to get started …

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DMR-MARC improves its global DMR network

On March 26th, DMR-MARC announced that it had completely transformed its North American DMR-MARC network by implementing two redundant core servers – one on the US East coast and the other on US West coast, which will allow all North American DMR-MARC member organizations to connect to its global, regional …

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IWCE 2015 DMR radio roundup

With the the phenomenal growth of DMR both in the commercial two-way radio industry and within the ham radio community, many new manufacturers are jumping onto the DMR bandwagon with a variety of new models. As a result, there were lots of DMR radios turning up this year at the …

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