Whistler to update TRX-1 / TRX-2 digital scanners with NXDN

The Whistler Group, Inc., a leading industry supplier of state-of the-art mobile electronics, is in the homestretch to the highly-anticipated release of an NXDN™ update to the TRX-1 and TRX-2 which currently feature Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) capabilities. The Whistler TRX-1 (handheld) and TRX-2 (desktop/Mobile) originally released in May of …

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Hands on with the DV4mobile at the 2016 Dayton Hamvention

At the 2016 Dayton Hamvention this week, we got to see the DV4mobile – the upcoming tri-band, all-mode digital radio that was announced by Wireless Holdings, maker of the DV4mini digital adapter. The radio was on display at the Wireless Holdings booth and we got to talk with Kurt, OE1KBC and Torsten, …

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Whistler launches DMR capable scanners

Whistler announces the addition of the TRX-1 and TRX-2 to their line-up of digital scanners that will support DMR, plus their existing scanner models WS1080, WS1088, WS1095, and WS1098 will all be eligible for a free DMR update. The old saying, “when it rains it pours” definitely held true today …

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